Your headunit’s built-in amp is responsible for reproducing the sounds from your usb,radio,cd and sending them to your speakers.But as the built-in amp isn’t that powerful to efficiently power high quality speakers , some audio enthusiast choose to use a separate amplifier for various reasons including but not limited to :

  • Sound quality.
  • Power.

Why add an amplifier ?

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If you have a good set of speakers and you’re seeking high volume levels, then amplifiers are definitely part of the picture.A good powerful amplifier will revitalize your music and breath a new life into your sound system , bringing out all of its excitement and detail.

Here are a few of the advantages of adding an amp to your system.

  1. Better sound quality — Flat boring sound is one of the biggest issues with car sound system.Even with the most high quality speakers ,you might not be 100% happy about the sound quality they bring , simply because your headunit’s built in amplifier isn’t that powerful to efficiently drive your speakers.However, unlike the amplifier built into your headunit , an external amp will make your music sound cleaner and more defined even at high volume levels.
  2. Power for upgraded speakers — If you’ve just upgraded your speakers, there’s a great chance that they will require more power than what your headunit can provide.This is usually the case with component speakers.
  3. Powering a subwoofer — Because subwoofers tend to require more power than a what your receiver can put out ,a separate amp is a necessity.

Car Speakers – What to Look For ?

Replacing or upgrading your car’s speakers is of the most excellent ways to get the highest quality sound out of your system.However,With so many choices available,it can be hard to know what to look for.But it you keep a few points in mind , you’ll be able to pick up one of the best car speakers on the market.

You should consider two main specifications when you’re looking for a good set of speakers to buy .

  • Sensitivity : it refers to the amount of sound a given speaker is able to yield from a certain power applied to it . if you have a low-powered car stereo,like most factory systems, speakers with the highest sensitivity rating would be your best bet.However, with high powered systems using a robust headunit or external amplifier , you’ll have to consider speakers with lower sensitivity.To put it simply , a well powered system will provide an excellent sound quality.
  • Power-handling : it refers to the amount to power than a speaker can handle. if you sound system is a low-powered system , your speakers won’t need to handle a lot of power. if that’s the case , and you’re on a budget coaxial speakers are your best choice .However if you’ve got a high powered system , the speakers you’ll should be able to handle the power they receive.Bear in mind that the key spec in power-handling is the maximum RMS (root mean square ) , not the peak power.
    RMS power handling is an accurate measurement unit of how much power the speaker can handle on a continuous basis , not just in a short period of time (peak power).

Conclusion :

As you can see, choosing a car speaker is going to rely on a variety of factors. Depending on your needs , budget, type and taste. Once you’re decided what type you want to go with, make sure to read car speakers reviews online and see what other people are saying. This will ensure that you end up with the best car speakers for your needs.

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